About Gynecomastia

Several of the males in my family and friends have gynecomastia (oversized male breasts). It is a common condition in men and can result be very embarrassing. They tried to hide it with shirts that had pockets or wearing a T-shirt over shirt combination. They evens would not go swimming or the beach, tried everything the could to get out of swimming class. There are times when men feel so self conscious that they will not be intimate. One of my patients that is 50 yrs old told me that he was so glad that he had the procedure done. He said “ I can’t believe I dealt with this all of my life and the solution was so easy. WOW.

It is quite common in men and may affect one or both breasts. Some drugs and medical problems can cause gynecomastia, but there is no known cause for most cases.

Fortunately for men with gynecomastia there are procedures that can remove the fat. This is done with liposuction and removal of the breast gland. This leaves the chest flat and is very attractive.

After the procedure is done there is no need to hide your body and you can enjoy the beach, pool and being intimate.

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