Affordable Cosmetic Surgery Treatments and Procedures

Wow! This is an interesting time in technologies and techniques and I am pleased to be involved in the new medical advances. Our procedures at Michelle Jones Singer MD/Cosmetic Surgery of Indianapolis are dedicated to the highest level of comprehensive, minimally invasive cosmetic surgery techniques.

We provide less invasive techniques to breast augmentations, liposuction, tummytucks, labialplasties ,vaginalplasty and pelvic and gynecological surgery

Whether you are:

A man concerned about large male breast (gynecomastia)
A woman with a concern about the appearance and size of her female anatomy.
A woman looking to solve vaginal symptoms and problems
Desiring liposuction
Breast Augmentation
Mommy Makeover
Seeking comprehensive gynecological care

We are able to take care of you and your concerns.

We offer a full array of affordable and non-invasive cosmetic surgery procedures and treatments.  Our innovative techniques ensure less pain and faster recovery. All of our procedures are performed by licensed doctors and board-certified M.D.s.

Experience the difference at Cosmetic Surgery of Indianapolis. We use gentle, non-invasive methods and only local numbing agents to minimize your pain and downtime. We make cosmetic surgery affordable for everyone. All of our procedures are performed in the comfort and privacy of our office:

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