Board Certified Gynecologist

Are you having female health concerns? Dr. Jones Singer can help take care of most female medical issues since she is a Board Certified Gynecologist. Are you having problems with pelvic pain? Do you experience painful and/or heavy menstrual periods? Are you tired of urinary leakage when you cough or exercise? Do you want permanent sterilization? There are treatments for all of these issues. The first thing is to be evaluated and then Dr. Jones Singer can discuss your options for treatment.

Do you have severe pelvic problems that could require hospitalization? The first step is to evaluate your problem to determine the proper treatment for you. There are multiple methods for this evaluation, including vaginal sonograms which Dr. Jones Singer performs herself right in her office. If major surgery is necessary, Dr. Jones Singer has years of experience in performing hysterectomies and other pelvic surgeries. You can feel safe in her hands.

Are you having problems with your hormones? Do hot flashes or vaginal dryness problems affect you? There are many options for hormone therapy today to take care of these menopausal issues. Bioidentical hormones to create a proper hormonal balance may be your answer. She has been an advocate of women for over 25 years to help them have a better quality of life through safe hormone replacement therapy.

Prevention is a key method to help you improve your health. Seeing an experienced physician, such as Dr. Jones Singer for an annual exam is part of this process. Whether called preventive medicine, wellness, or anti-aging, there are actions you can do to decrease the degenerative process that can “age” your body. These can be discussed more fully with Dr. Jones Singer and your treatment options determined.

What about sex? Is sex just not the same anymore? Is your sexual fulfillment lacking? Perhaps a vaginal rejuvenation may be the answer for you. Maybe you want your labia to look better. Dr. Jones Singer performs labiaplasty in her office in very confidential surroundings. Call us for an appointment if you have any of these concerns.

Dr. Michelle Jones Singer has been providing gynecologic services for patients for over 23 years. If you need gynecologic care and would like an experienced gynecologist call her office at 317-578-0421.

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