How to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness in Your Community

Even though it’s not Breast Cancer Awareness month, many people are still very motivated to spread the word and engage in activities that continue to involve people and make them more knowledgeable about the disease. Here are a few ways that you can keep your family and friends aware of breast cancer prevention and how to help those in your local community.

Lead by exampleBreast cancer awareness image with fighting girls

One of the best ways to create breast cancer awareness is to lead by example. Take the time to learn about it, get involved in events that others have taken the time to throw, and be part of the discussion. You can also go to your local hospital and visit those who are currently fighting breast cancer to give them and their families a little extra support.

Volunteer to head a fundraiser

If you want to throw your own fundraiser, you can volunteer by asking churches and other facilities such as local parks if they’ll allow you to utilize their space to head the event. You can start by getting a few friends to pitch in and brainstorm ideas to ensure a fun and successful time.

And don’t just think that you have to do a walk. You can do yoga in the park, silent auctions, live music, and much more. You can also reach out to local businesses to get involved by sponsoring aspects like food and getting the word out via flyers.

Create a list of places to get checked for breast cancer

Some women may not get tested for breast cancer because they aren’t sure where to go. You can create a list of places with directions and phone numbers so that they can easily make an appointment. You can then put the list on public boards that you find in places like grocery stores.

Create a social media account that offers information and support

If you want to take your list one step further, then create a social media account dedicated to raising awareness. You can post information such as how to give yourself a breast exam, foods that help prevent cancer, and offer inspiration stories of survival. This will give the people in your community a place to go when they want to know where the latest events are being held and how they can help as well.

You can also let people know how to donate money or even set up a Go Fund Me account for a local person in your community that needs financial help during this time.

If you have any questions about breast cancer and ways to prevent it, then contact Michelle Jones Singer, M.D. & Gynecology at (317) 207-1429. We take this issue very seriously and want you to be confident in your health and knowledge when it comes to breast cancer and other diseases. We’re located at Indianapolis and always look forward to seeing you!

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