How to Know Vaginal Rejuvenation is Right For You

When people think of improving the look of their body and health, they often look to trouble spots such as their face, thighs, and waist. However, vaginal rejuvenation might just be right for you if you’ve experienced childbirth, menopause, and natural aging throughout the years. Some women put this off because they are too bashful to bring up the topic, but you should never feel alone. All women go through the aging process, and many women notice the changes their vagina goes through. Here’s a few ways to know if vaginal rejuvenation is right for you, and how to take those next steps.

You want to improve your sex lifea beautiful young woman with scarf

As we age, some women tend to lose interest in their sex life. While we can often blame a busy schedule and no time alone with our partner, the truth is it can be because we don’t feel sexy anymore. If you find that you avoid sex because intercourse is painful or you’ve developed excess or sagging external skin around the vagina, don’t hesitate to talk to a cosmetic surgeon to find out how they can help. This skin can actually have an impact on the clothes you wear depending on how much it has stretched and changed form.

You want to improve strength and control

It can be embarrassing when you lose the ability to control your vaginal muscles. Vaginal rejuvenation procedures can help you gain back your strength, so you have more control. Dr. Singer will be able to go over this with you in detail when you meet for your free consultation. While some treatments will primarily be for in improving your sex life, others are designed to prevent accidental leaks, painful urination, and itching. Have an open dialogue with your doctor about what your primary reason is for vaginal rejuvenation, and then go into the secondary reasons to ensure you choose the right one for you.

Talk to your doctor today

If you’re interested in vaginal rejuvenation, take the time to speak to Dr. Singer about your options. MonaLisa Touch is one option that uses the comfort of lasers to help improve the health of your vagina by promoting new collagen to generate and improve the moisture level. Many women who have gone through menopause have issues with dryness, itching, and general irritations. Don’t think that you just have to push through the discomfort. There is help available.

Vaginoplasty is also an option available for you that will help with the internal elasticity of your vagina, as well as reshape the external look of it. While its main purpose is to improve your sexuality, there are other positive side effects you’ll get to enjoy. Dr. Singer understands how important your confidentiality is and always takes your questions and concerns seriously. Don’t hesitate to contact Michelle Jones Singer, MD today at 317-207-1429 or fill out the online form for your complimentary consultation. You can also visit us at our Indianapolis location.

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