4 Ways to Help Relieve Urinary Incontinence

Managing menopause symptoms like urinary incontinence can feel like an endless battle, especially when you go through it alone. You don’t feel like yourself, hot flashes come and go with no warning, and trying to sleep becomes more of a stress than a relaxing part of your day. However, if you live in Indiana, there is a relief! Dr. Singer understands the pains and frustrations that go with urinary incontinence and has a few solutions for you. Here are four ways to help relieve the symptoms of menopause and urinary incontinence.

#1: Feminine lasersslim fit women with her hand on her stomach

More and more women are discovering the many benefits of feminine lasers like Monalisa Touch® and you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to learn more. It rejuvenates your vaginal health so that you have better control when urinating. Beyond helping with urinary incontinence, it can also improve your sex life and the aesthetics of your vagina. The best part is, you can start with a free consultation to learn more about the price and procedure, and it’s at no obligation to you. We just want you to make the most informed decision for your body.

#2: Pelvic exercises

Talk to your doctor about the pelvic exercises that you can do to improve the strength of your bladder and vagina. While intense exercise has its benefits for people with certain goals, if you suffer from urgency to urinate, you’ll need to be more precise in your muscle movements to ensure that you make the problem better, and not worse.

#3: Weight loss

If you have extra pounds on your body, they can have a negative impact on menopause symptoms like urinary incontinence. Losing a little weight and changing your diet will be a step in the right direction when you want to relieve urinary incontinence and other symptoms associated with natural aging. Plus, you’ll sleep better and start to notice that your energy levels improve, even by dropping those first few pounds.

#4: Getting the professionals involved

You don’t have to go through menopause alone! Millions of women have found relief when suffering from the urgency to urinate due to menopause, and all they did was call a reputable professional in their area. Having your individual needs listened to during this time will allow you to find the best solutions that fit your lifestyle. Every woman will be unique in what they go through and by having someone that understands the medical, as well as the emotional side, will be invaluable.

Take the time today to call Dr. Singer and her professional team for your free consultation. All you have to do is call 317-207-1429 or fill out the simple contact form online to schedule your appointment and get more information. Your health is our top priority, and we’ve helped hundreds of women in the Indianapolis and Carmel, IN community regain their energy and youthful glow, and we’re here to assist you with those first few steps to feeling confident in your body again.

4 Advantages of the Monalisa Touch® Laser Treatment

Whether you suffer from dryness, itching, and other uncomfortable symptoms of menopause, or you’ve gone through childbirth and have noticed that your vaginal region just isn’t the same as it once was, Monalisa Touch® Laser treatment can relieve the irritation. The laser rejuvenates your vaginal walls and gives you a more attractive looking and feeling feminine area. Here are four advantages of the Monalisa Touch® procedure, and how it can make a positive impact in your life today.

#1: The treatment works with your bodylady smiling sitting on couch

As a woman’s body changes and ages, you’ll find that some treatments will be invasive and feel like they’re working against you. If you’ve ever gone through a procedure this, then it can make you timid when it comes getting help for things like atrophic vaginitis. However, the Monalisa Touch® uses gentle energy put out by lasers, and the soft heat works with your body to help generate new collagen and improve the moisture level in the vagina. The procedure is non-invasive, and the results will leave your vagina feeling youthful and normal again.

#2: The Monalisa Touch® Laser treatment cost

Many women will be concerned with the Monalisa Touch® price, and in some cases, insurance will cover the treatment. However, for the amount of comfort and vaginal health you receive, you’ll find that the cost is well worth it. Because each woman is unique in their goals for the treatment and the number of sessions required for positive results, you’ll need to gain more information about the Monalisa Touch® treatment cost at your free consultation.

#3: You can get the treatments at your convenience

Living in Indianapolis means that you probably have a busy schedule, and often we don’t take time to get everything done on our list. However, this is one thing that you should never put on the backburner. Not only is it for your health, but it’s for the comfort of your body. The Monalisa Touch® treatments don’t require anesthesia and have no downtime or side effects. It’s painless to most women, and you can get back to your day once the procedure is complete. This means that you don’t have to take off of work, find someone to babysit kids or give up that luncheon with your friends because it’s easy to find time in your day for an appointment.

#4: Thousands of women love the results

When you need a treatment to help you with itching, dryness, and other discomforts that can have an adverse effect on your vaginal health, you’re not alone. Thousands of women have had positive results after investing in the Monalisa Touch® procedure. If you live in Indiana, don’t hesitate to contact Michelle Jones Singer, MD for more information about whether or not you’re a good candidate, and how the treatment can benefit your particular needs. All you have to do is call 317-207-1429 or fill out the contact form online for your free consultation!

Is the Monalisa Touch® Treatment Right For You?

Going through menopause is a unique part of every women’s life, and while there are some benefits of aging, there are also some tough parts. If you’ve experienced a difference in the way your vagina feels after menopause, then you should know that there is a life-changing treatment that can help with dryness, burning, itching, and even pain during intercourse or urination. Don’t hide from these symptoms, but talk to your doctor about what your best options is to relieve them so that you can enjoy this time in your life.

The Monalisa Touch® benefitsWoman lying down in black lingerie

There are numerous Monalisa Touch benefits, and here we’ll review the most common ones. The best part is, once the treatment is over, you’ll find that there are some surprising benefits you weren’t expecting that will improve your quality of life. The first advantage is the treatment itself. It’s virtually painless, and most people don’t require any anesthesia at all. There isn’t any downtime so you can get back to your day whether you are taking a long lunch break from work to get treatments, or you simply want to get back to running errands. There aren’t any side effects, and women have been treated across the world for almost ten years.

Beyond the procedure itself, you’ll also get to enjoy benefits once it is complete so that you can get back to normal. Intercourse will be fun again, and you won’t have to stop your day due to the itching and burning feelings that menopause can cause. Plus, many women feel the results almost immediately as your vagina produces a regular amount of moisture again, and the walls strengthen. While you’ll need to keep up with the Monalisa Touch treatment on an annual basis, you’ll enjoy that the visit is simple, safe, and effective.

The Monalisa Touch® reviews

Women that have given Monalisa Touch reviews and testimonials have said that it improved their lives because it eliminated many of the effects menopause can have in the vaginal region, and even their spouses appreciate that they can get back to their routine sexually, as well as socially. Women that have had serious illnesses such as breast cancer have also seen improvements made in the comfort of their body as other medications have adverse effects.

Getting started today

If you want to learn more about the Monalisa Touch treatment and find out if you’re a good candidate, then reach out to Michelle Jones Singer, MD today and let us answer your questions in detail. You can reach out by calling us at (317) 207-1429, or by visiting our office in Indianapolis, Indiana. You can also fill out the form online to go ahead and schedule a free consultation. We’re here for all of your feminine needs and are always discreet in every procedure that we offer patients. Let us help you be comfortable in your body again, so that you live life to the fullest no matter what age you are!

5 Ways to Know if Vaginoplasty is Right For You

Over the years, women will notice the appearance of their vagina changes due to natural aging, childbirth, and other lifestyle experiences such as losing an extreme amount of weight. When the outer labia starts to modify the way it looks, causing you discomfort and a loss of self-esteem, it’s time to find out if a vaginoplasty (or labiaplasty) is right for you. Here are five signs that you could benefit from meeting with a doctor to learn if you’re a good candidate.

#1: You’ve seen before and after photos and are intrigued by the procedurebeautiful woman laying on a white bed sheet and pillow

If you’ve seen labiaplasty before and after images, and you find that you like the improvements that have been made, discover more about how the treatment will benefit you. Doctors who are familiar and confident with the surgery will be more than happy to show you a portfolio of labiaplasty before and after pictures that will give you a clearer idea of the results you can expect.

#2: Your sex life has started to suffer due to discomfort

Many women who invest in labiaplasty may choose to get surgery because they feel pain and discomfort during intercourse and want to find a way to relieve these negative sensations. In some cases, the pain will be brought out during other physical activities such as sports. However, you don’t have to push through the pain and think that you should just accept it. Talk to your doctor about your options to find out if vaginoplasty is right for you.

#3: You can’t wear your favorite clothes any longer

Your vagina can alter the look of bathing suits and other form-fitting clothing to the point that some women aren’t comfortable wearing their favorite wardrobe pieces. As the shape and length of your vagina shifts over time, you may start to notice these changes through the outside of the clothing. By taking the time to improve the area cosmetically, you’ll be back in that two-piece in no time (and you can leave the cover-up at home).

#4: You’re self-conscience with the appearance of your vagina

Some women are simply unhappy with the appearance of their vagina after childbirth and the aging process, and labiaplasty can improve the size, pigmentation, and length, as well as the asymmetry of this area. Being self-conscience about this part of your body can have an effect on your sexual confidence, and this could impact your relationship with your significant other.

#5: You’ve considered scheduling a complimentary consultation

If you’ve already been searching for labiaplasty surgeons in the Indianapolis area because you want to learn more about the results, then it’s time to schedule a consultation. Dr. Singer and her professional team can answer all of your questions about what you can expect from the procedure. Plus, we’ll let you know if you’re a good candidate and what you can expect the labiaplasty surgery cost to be. Simply call 317-207-1429 to schedule that appointment today!

How to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness in Your Community

Even though it’s not Breast Cancer Awareness month, many people are still very motivated to spread the word and engage in activities that continue to involve people and make them more knowledgeable about the disease. Here are a few ways that you can keep your family and friends aware of breast cancer prevention and how to help those in your local community.

Lead by exampleBreast cancer awareness image with fighting girls

One of the best ways to create breast cancer awareness is to lead by example. Take the time to learn about it, get involved in events that others have taken the time to throw, and be part of the discussion. You can also go to your local hospital and visit those who are currently fighting breast cancer to give them and their families a little extra support.

Volunteer to head a fundraiser

If you want to throw your own fundraiser, you can volunteer by asking churches and other facilities such as local parks if they’ll allow you to utilize their space to head the event. You can start by getting a few friends to pitch in and brainstorm ideas to ensure a fun and successful time.

And don’t just think that you have to do a walk. You can do yoga in the park, silent auctions, live music, and much more. You can also reach out to local businesses to get involved by sponsoring aspects like food and getting the word out via flyers.

Create a list of places to get checked for breast cancer

Some women may not get tested for breast cancer because they aren’t sure where to go. You can create a list of places with directions and phone numbers so that they can easily make an appointment. You can then put the list on public boards that you find in places like grocery stores.

Create a social media account that offers information and support

If you want to take your list one step further, then create a social media account dedicated to raising awareness. You can post information such as how to give yourself a breast exam, foods that help prevent cancer, and offer inspiration stories of survival. This will give the people in your community a place to go when they want to know where the latest events are being held and how they can help as well.

You can also let people know how to donate money or even set up a Go Fund Me account for a local person in your community that needs financial help during this time.

If you have any questions about breast cancer and ways to prevent it, then contact Michelle Jones Singer, M.D. & Gynecology at (317) 207-1429. We take this issue very seriously and want you to be confident in your health and knowledge when it comes to breast cancer and other diseases. We’re located at Indianapolis and always look forward to seeing you!

4 Ways Men Can Enhance Their Look

When it comes to enhancing a beautifully contoured body and reducing the signs of aging, many people will associate women with utilizing professional treatments to assist with their natural routine. However, men can also benefit from getting involved in improving their look and making the most of their body. Here are four ways that men can take advantage of regaining youthful skin and attractive curves on their body.

#1: Non-Invasive Liposuctionman with wrist watch

Non-invasive liposuction is an excellent choice for those that don’t want to experience as much bruising, pain, and downtime as traditional liposuction. Plus, the treatments are more affordable, and the results will leave you pleased with the way your body has pulled in. You can target areas such as the back, chest, chin, stomach, and beyond. If you have a specific trouble spot that you would like to improve such as love handles, get more information about this non-invasive procedure by talking to Dr. Singer to find out if you’re a good candidate.

#2: Exercise paired with body contouring treatments

When you take care of yourself by exercising and keeping a healthy diet, you might not think that you’ll ever need a reason to have a contouring body treatment performed. However, through natural aging, we’ll all see a few areas over time that will require a little extra attention and care. Tummy tucks, waist contouring, and much more will help give your body the curves and shape that you’ve been missing.

#3: Breast reduction

If you suffer from Gynecomastia, then you might find yourself wearing t-shirts at the beach and turning down trips to the pool. However, you can benefit from a breast reduction procedure because it will give you more confidence when you do have to take that shirt off. Plus, it will be one less thing you have to worry about when you want to make a good first impression. Many men who have Gynecomastia will spend years coping with the physical condition, as well as the negative emotions that come with large breasts because they don’t think there is a solution. However, by making a call to Dr. Singer, you’ll see that you actually do have options.

#4: Cosmetic injections

There are many cosmetic injections that work to reverse the signs of ages and leave your skin with a youthful glow. Botox®, Restylane, and cosmetic fillers have been used by millions of men and women and have proven themselves time and again to be effective. In today’s tight job market, dating world, and photo-focused social media, we all want to look our very best. And cosmetic injections are one of the most efficient ways that we can accomplish that.

If you have any questions about how Michelle Jones Singer, MD can help improve your current look, call (317) 207-1429. You can also come by our location in Indianapolis, Indiana. We keep your treatments confidential and always use the most discrete practices because we know that you want your privacy. Don’t just wish that your body was more contoured, and you could get rid of those fine lines on your face – actually do something about it by making that call today.

Is Botox® Right For You?

Almost everyone has heard of Botox® and hundreds of thousands of people each year take advantage of the many benefits it has to offer. It’s been an FDA approved procedure for over a decade, and millions of treatments have been given proving it to be very effective for cosmetics, as well as medical purposes. However, there are a lot of people who gather information about Botox® and are still unsure if the treatments are right for them. If you’re interested in getting treatments, here are a few things to consider when deciding if it’s right for you.

Have an understanding of your expectationsbeautiful girl with beautiful skin

Before you decide if Botox® is right for you, you need to set realistic goals so that you aren’t disappointed. There are some treatments such as facelifts that will be more effective for people with certain expectations, and there will also be milder treatments that will give the look of younger looking skin.

When you meet with Dr. Singer for your complimentary consultation, be sure that you have an idea of what you hope for, and we’ll let you know if Botox® can help you reach your full potentials or if another treatment might be better for you. In some cases, you won’t get the dramatic results you were hoping for, and it’s important to be prepared for that.

Understand what is motivating you

Some people have used Botox® to help reduce migraine pain while others want a more youthful appearance. Whatever your reasons are for getting the treatments, take the time to explore those, and they will help you gain a better idea of what you want your expectations to be. People from all walks of life have used these treatments to their advantage from celebrities to professionals to stay-at-home parents. And men and women alike have different reasons behind making the decision that it’s right for them.

Learn about the maintenance

Because Botox® is not a permanent solution, you’ll want to have an understanding of how much maintenance is required and how often. If you don’t want to keep up with it every six months to a year, you may want to consider a different option or talk to your doctor about finding a schedule that fits into your life. It should also give you a little more confidence to know that the treatments will fade because if you aren’t happy once you’ve tried it, you know that the look before the treatments will return.

If you aren’t sure if Botox® is right for you and want to learn more, then take the time to contact Michelle Jones Singer, MD with your questions and concerns. Simply call 317-207-1429 or fill out the consultation form online. You can also come by our location Indianapolis. We know that this is a decision that you’ll want to be confident with and we’re here to make sure you’re informed. Your health is our top priority, and we welcome any and all questions.

3 Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

If you only associate tummy tucks with celebrities and models, then think again! Women and men of all professionals and lifestyles have found multiple advantages of improving the look of the skin that surrounds their stomach area. Innovative methods for tummy tucks have developed allowing non-invasive measures to be taken and made the process more comfortable.If you’ve been thinking about getting a tummy tuck, but are still on the fence about it, here are a few benefits to calculate into your decision.

#1: You’re more likely to keep off the weightWoman with beautiful body on a beach

Losing a significant amount of weight is a challenge, and when you succeed at it, often there is extra skin left over around the stomach. When you take your weight loss to the next level and apply professional treatments to contour your body back to its natural appearance, you’re more likely to keep those pounds off versus someone who doesn’t get a tummy tuck. We know that weight loss doesn’t end when you reach your goal on the scale. It’s a continual journey of maintenance and feeling your best. Ask about our services that can compliment your new health and contour your body.

#2: You’ll be more confident and comfortable in your body

Because your body will have a contoured and natural shape to it, you’ll feel more comfortable in your body, the way your clothes fit, and even the way you move when sitting, swimming, running, and many other activities. When you focus on hiding a part of your body, it can ruin social activities and take your mind away from the event you’re at whether it’s a casual lunch with friends or a more formal event like a wedding. A tummy tuck will boost your confidence, so you can find clothing that you love wearing versus outfits that hide your belly, and you can focus on the good time ahead.

#3: You’ll enhance other features

When you’re tummy is contoured, you’ll be surprised at how much it improves other parts of your body like your legs, hips, and buttocks. You’ll see curves in the right places and clothing will compliment your flat tummy, as well as fitting your whole body comfortably. Often, women who are done having children are left with tummy skin that droops and sags from the pregnancy, but the rest of their skin is in place. A tummy tuck is an excellent solution to target the trouble spot and leave the other parts of your body untouched.

If you’re ready to learn more about how a tummy tuck can be beneficial to you, then contact Michelle Jones Singer MD at (317) 207-1429, or visit our location in Indianapolis, Indiana. We’ll start with a complimentary consultation to find out if you’re a good candidate for the procedure and to answer any questions and address any concerns you have. We look forward to hearing from you and always put your health and happiness first!

How to Make the Most of Your Health After Menopause

Menopause is a cornerstone of a woman’s life that represents a new coming of age. However, with the beauty of our changing bodies, we also have a few struggles we must overcome. Menopause can cause mood swings, troubles sleeping, vaginal dryness, and more. When you want to make the most out of your health after menopause, here are a few ways to get started.

MonaLisa Touch®Romantic Senior Couple Hugging On Beach

If you’ve been through menopause and suffer from vaginal itching or burning, dryness, painful urination, and even pain during sex, you’re not alone. In fact, almost half of women who go through menopause go through this. The good news is, there is a way to make you more comfortable.

Mona Lisa Touch® promotes new collagen to help improve moisture levels. The lasers used are safe and gentle, and there is no downtime necessary. The procedure takes place in the office, and the process doesn’t require anesthesia. If you have any questions or concerns about this effective treatment, don’t hesitate to ask Dr. Singer.

Body Contouring

The signs of aging are something none of us can completely avoid, and while some of them are beautiful, others can lower our confidence. Body contouring is a great way to combat the signs of aging in your body, so you can feel and look your absolute best. After menopause, you have an excellent opportunity to pamper yourself. You’ve worked hard to maintain your health, and now it’s time to define your look even more. You’ll have a lot of options to improve areas like your thighs, tummy, arms, and breasts. Soon, you’ll be happy and bursting with self-esteem every time you walk into a room.

Dietary Changes

After menopause, a change in diet may be necessary to help stabilize mood and prevent weight gain. Make sure you’re incorporating lots of fruits, veggies, and yogurt into your diet, and stay away from high sodium and processed foods as much as you can. The more antioxidants you have in your diet, the more energy you’ll have. Plus, you’ll have the added benefit of your skin looking fantastic.

Exercise and Meditation

Taking a moment to yourself each day to get your heartbeat up, and then bring it down for a small mediation session will go a long way for your mood, stress levels, and even help with sleep. Exercise will help prevent weight gain in the future, which can worsen symptoms of menopause. You’ll boost your immune system and relieve feelings of irritability. You’ll appreciate having a strategy to calm your nerves, and soon it will be one of your favorite times of the day.

Talk to your doctor

When you want to make the most of your health after menopause, talk to Michelle Jones Singer, MD. Our office is conveniently located in Indianapolis, Indiana and you can call us at 317-207-1429. We know that a positive self-image and the health of your body can make a huge difference in your confidence and energy level, and we work with you so that you can find the best treatments and procedures for your particular wishes.

How to Know Vaginal Rejuvenation is Right For You

When people think of improving the look of their body and health, they often look to trouble spots such as their face, thighs, and waist. However, vaginal rejuvenation might just be right for you if you’ve experienced childbirth, menopause, and natural aging throughout the years. Some women put this off because they are too bashful to bring up the topic, but you should never feel alone. All women go through the aging process, and many women notice the changes their vagina goes through. Here’s a few ways to know if vaginal rejuvenation is right for you, and how to take those next steps.

You want to improve your sex lifea beautiful young woman with scarf

As we age, some women tend to lose interest in their sex life. While we can often blame a busy schedule and no time alone with our partner, the truth is it can be because we don’t feel sexy anymore. If you find that you avoid sex because intercourse is painful or you’ve developed excess or sagging external skin around the vagina, don’t hesitate to talk to a cosmetic surgeon to find out how they can help. This skin can actually have an impact on the clothes you wear depending on how much it has stretched and changed form.

You want to improve strength and control

It can be embarrassing when you lose the ability to control your vaginal muscles. Vaginal rejuvenation procedures can help you gain back your strength, so you have more control. Dr. Singer will be able to go over this with you in detail when you meet for your free consultation. While some treatments will primarily be for in improving your sex life, others are designed to prevent accidental leaks, painful urination, and itching. Have an open dialogue with your doctor about what your primary reason is for vaginal rejuvenation, and then go into the secondary reasons to ensure you choose the right one for you.

Talk to your doctor today

If you’re interested in vaginal rejuvenation, take the time to speak to Dr. Singer about your options. MonaLisa Touch is one option that uses the comfort of lasers to help improve the health of your vagina by promoting new collagen to generate and improve the moisture level. Many women who have gone through menopause have issues with dryness, itching, and general irritations. Don’t think that you just have to push through the discomfort. There is help available.

Vaginoplasty is also an option available for you that will help with the internal elasticity of your vagina, as well as reshape the external look of it. While its main purpose is to improve your sexuality, there are other positive side effects you’ll get to enjoy. Dr. Singer understands how important your confidentiality is and always takes your questions and concerns seriously. Don’t hesitate to contact Michelle Jones Singer, MD today at 317-207-1429 or fill out the online form for your complimentary consultation. You can also visit us at our Indianapolis location.