4 Advantages of the Monalisa Touch® Laser Treatment

Whether you suffer from dryness, itching, and other uncomfortable symptoms of menopause, or you’ve gone through childbirth and have noticed that your vaginal region just isn’t the same as it once was, Monalisa Touch® Laser treatment can relieve the irritation. The laser rejuvenates your vaginal walls and gives you a more attractive looking and feeling feminine area. Here are four advantages of the Monalisa Touch® procedure, and how it can make a positive impact in your life today.

#1: The treatment works with your bodylady smiling sitting on couch

As a woman’s body changes and ages, you’ll find that some treatments will be invasive and feel like they’re working against you. If you’ve ever gone through a procedure this, then it can make you timid when it comes getting help for things like atrophic vaginitis. However, the Monalisa Touch® uses gentle energy put out by lasers, and the soft heat works with your body to help generate new collagen and improve the moisture level in the vagina. The procedure is non-invasive, and the results will leave your vagina feeling youthful and normal again.

#2: The Monalisa Touch® Laser treatment cost

Many women will be concerned with the Monalisa Touch® price, and in some cases, insurance will cover the treatment. However, for the amount of comfort and vaginal health you receive, you’ll find that the cost is well worth it. Because each woman is unique in their goals for the treatment and the number of sessions required for positive results, you’ll need to gain more information about the Monalisa Touch® treatment cost at your free consultation.

#3: You can get the treatments at your convenience

Living in Indianapolis means that you probably have a busy schedule, and often we don’t take time to get everything done on our list. However, this is one thing that you should never put on the backburner. Not only is it for your health, but it’s for the comfort of your body. The Monalisa Touch® treatments don’t require anesthesia and have no downtime or side effects. It’s painless to most women, and you can get back to your day once the procedure is complete. This means that you don’t have to take off of work, find someone to babysit kids or give up that luncheon with your friends because it’s easy to find time in your day for an appointment.

#4: Thousands of women love the results

When you need a treatment to help you with itching, dryness, and other discomforts that can have an adverse effect on your vaginal health, you’re not alone. Thousands of women have had positive results after investing in the Monalisa Touch® procedure. If you live in Indiana, don’t hesitate to contact Michelle Jones Singer, MD for more information about whether or not you’re a good candidate, and how the treatment can benefit your particular needs. All you have to do is call 317-207-1429 or fill out the contact form online for your free consultation!

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